CCode for Artists - Miles DeCoster

Subtractive Color Wheel by Ira Greenberg. The primaries are red, yellow, and blue. The secondaries are green, purple, and orange. The tertiaries are yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green, and yellow-green. Create a shade or tint of the subtractive color wheel using SHADE or TINT parameters.

The functions use "for loops" to generate the shapes and colors of the wheel. One loop creates the colors and the second loop creates the wheel segments. In the version I have the TINT function does not work properly. I have rewritten the function and you can see it at Colorwheel Tint Fix.

The Java applet may not render in Safari or Chrome, depending on your Java version. Apple support for Java is waning, if not disapppearing. Processing is also easing away from Java and in version 2 no longer exports Java applets. Processing JS is filling the void and is now the preferred method of rendering Processing sketches on the Web. View the "fixed" file linked above to see the tint version of the colorwheel rendered via Processing JS.

Source code: ColorWheel

Built with Processing