CCode for Artists - Miles DeCoster

Dealing a deck of cards

We have three scripts here. The first creates an array of numbers between a starting number and ending number (in this case 1 - 52) and then randomizes the order. This could be used for any kind of card game or a random distribution of colors, etc. The second script uses the randomized list to insert 52 card images into divs. The cards are initially hidden so the third script shows the cards in sequence using delay( ) and fadeIn( ) functions in combination. Refresh the page and the order changes.

// This relies on a cheap trick using the inner workings of the sort function.
// The sort function compares pairs of values in the array and rearranges them depending on the return value
// of the comparison: negative return value means the second of the pair is first, 0 value, no change,
// and positive value the first is first. Here we don't pass the sort function any values, we just
// randomize the return value given back to the sort function in each comparison so as it sorts it just makes a random order.

function makeRandomArray(min,max){
    var r= [];
    while(max>= min) r.push(max--);   
    r.sort(function(){return .5- Math.random()});  
    return r;
$(document).ready( function() {
for (var i=0; i<52; i++) {
		$('#tableTop').append("<div class='card'></div>"); 
		$('.card').eq(i).html('<img src="../images/cards/'+myList[i]+'.png">'); 
	$('#tableTop').append("<br class='clearfloat'>"); 
	$('.card').each(function() {